From a real estate agency to an A/C repair shop, these DFW businesses are betting on bitcoin

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Cost of the California Dream far out of reach for most people under 40, new poll shows

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Tech star is mystery buyer of most expensive home ever sold in New York

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State Street Corp. plans to lay off approximately 1,500 employees in “high-cost locations” and ramp up efforts to automate its services to clients, the company said Friday.

State Street has 1,220 full-time-equivalent employees in the Kansas City area, ranking it No. 33 on the Business Journal's list of private-sector employers.

The newly announced layoffs go far beyond the job cuts to senior management reported by the Boston Business Journal earlier this month. The senior managers are believed…

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When former NBA star Jason Richardson and his wife bought their four-bedroom house in upscale Cherry Hills Village three years ago, he had no idea about the neighborhood secret.

The house sits on a quiet, tree-lined street, where million-dollar homes are tastefully set back with trimmed hedges and winding, stone pathways.

What Richardson didn’t know when he signed on the dotted line: His house is one of about 50 in this Denver suburb that still, to this day, goes by a rather unique subdivision name.

Swastika Acres.

To be clear, there are no signs saying “Welcome to Swastika Acres” in Cherry Hills Village. You won’t find it on Google Maps.

houses321.comA description of the neighborhood provided by the name still exists on the deeds of several dozen homeowners, a remaining vestige of an old Denver land company from the early 1900s that predated Nazi Germany. Many residents, like Richardson, were not even aware they belonged to this strange relic of the city’s past…

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SEATTLE — Microsoft says it will devote $500 million to address a problem its own success helped create: the severe need for affordable housing in the Seattle area.

As the tech industry Microsoft brought to the region has boomed with the expansion of Amazon and other companies, the cost of housing has soared. Tent encampments packed with homeless people have become common, and even those with good middle-income jobs, such as teachers and nurses, have been priced out of the cities where they work.

“A healthy business needs to be part of a healthy community,” Microsoft President Brad Smith and Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood wrote in a blog post announcing the financial commitment. “And a healthy community must have housing within the economic reach of every part of the community, including the many dedicated people who provide the vital services on which we all rely.”

While $25 million will be used for grants to address homelessness, including money to provide legal help to those fa..

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Google avocado-toast restaurants, squeeze into some skinny jeans and be prepared to embrace any number of other clichés about millennials, home real estate pros. They’re going to be your prime customers in 2019.

Speaking at the Denver Metro Association of Realtors economic summit a few weeks ago, Danielle Hale, chief economist for, said millennials are expected to make up 45 percent of all people who take out mortgages in the U.S. this year. Hale counts millennials as people between 15 and 35 years old. Gen-Xers will account for 37 percent of new mortgages and baby boomers 17 percent.

Hale’s advice to real estate brokers when it comes to millennials: “You’re going to have to figure out how to talk to them and interact with them and get them over the hurdle of getting into the housing market.”

What are those challenges?

Jasmine Pulce, a 28-year-old doctoral student at the University of Denver who closed on her first home in October, can name a few.

Pulce, who also works..

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