From a real estate agency to an A/C repair shop, these DFW businesses are betting on bitcoin

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Cost of the California Dream far out of reach for most people under 40, new poll shows

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Tech star is mystery buyer of most expensive home ever sold in New York

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The Sacramento Business Journal held its annual Best Real Estate Projects Awards on Sept. 7. We are profiling each of the 24 honorees.

Here's a roundup of construction in the Denver Tech Center, Belleview Station and Greenwood Village

Aviva Sonenreich’s career in real estate is a bit of a paradox.

On one hand, she has amassed a glittery following of more than 1 million people on her commercial real estate-centric TikTok, along with more than 45,000 Instagram followers.

On the other, she primarily brokers perhaps the least sexy asset class in the market: old, small (ish) Class C warehouses.

But for Sonenreich, managing broker with The Warehouse Hotline, that’s where the magic of real estate has always been. The Warehouse…



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