From a real estate agency to an A/C repair shop, these DFW businesses are betting on bitcoin

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Cost of the California Dream far out of reach for most people under 40, new poll shows

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Tech star is mystery buyer of most expensive home ever sold in New York

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How much do the developers behind Lone Tree’s RidgeGate neighborhood believe in the potential locked in the four square miles of mostly virgin land they own on the east side of Interstate 25? They pitched it to Amazon during the company’s HQ2 search.

“We offered everything they needed,” Keith Simon, director of development for Coventry Development said Tuesday, shaking his head as he referred to the thousands of new homes, millions of square feet of commercial space and everything else planned for the east side of RidgeGate.

Amazon may not be coming, but a different major catalyst for development is. On Friday, RTD’s Southeast Rail Extension will open to transit riders for the first time.

Two of the three E, F and R line stops the 2.3-mile extension is bringing to the Douglas County city lie on the east side of the highway. During a preview ride RTD organized on Tuesday, city officials and developers highlighted just how much the one new stop that will soon open on the west side of ..

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Fort Collins has selected a developer to design and build about 60 affordable homes on property withdrawn from the city’s land bank program.

The Coloradoan reports the city has chosen Indiana-based TWG Development LLC, which specializes in affordable housing projects.

The city’s social policy and housing program manager, Sue Beck-Ferkiss, says the homes are planned to be sold to households earning less than 80% of the area median income.

She says that translates to about $54,500 for a couple and $68,100 for a family of four.

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Smart city infrastructure isn’t just some buzzy phrase used to spice up chamber of commerce breakfasts. It’s not some theoretical idea being tested out in clandestine bunkers, either.

It has become an increasingly important cog in modern growth and it is manifesting in some very real ways around Colorado and in the Denver area.

In two places on opposite ends of the metro area — Sterling Ranch in Douglas County and the Peña Station Next development near Denver International Airport — people are now living in communities specifically built around smart city and smart home technology. These are places where the garage door can be closed with a smartphone app from across town, and the local bus is driven by a computer system, not a human being.

“These communities are serving as test sites for proving out technologies and approaches,” Jake Rishavy, vice president of innovation for the Denver South Economic Denver Partnership and a co-founder of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance said of ..

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Same boom, different year.

Downtown Denver’s decade-long economic explosion continued unabated in 2018 and the first part of 2019. More people are living in the city’s core neighborhoods than ever before. More people are working downtown than ever before. Heck, the 16th Street Mall even got that Target store economic development folks have been lusting after for decades.

On Thursday, the Downtown Denver Partnership held its annual State of Downtown Denver meeting where it highlighted its 2019 report on the status of what it calls the “center city.” Challenges remain — specifically when it comes to building a diverse workforce — but the report paints a picture of a downtown that is meeting the partnership’s goals of being economically healthy, vibrant and growing.

Here are some of the most eye-catching details covered in the State of Downtown report and at Thursday’s meeting:

26,000 people live in the downtown area
That’s a 13 percent increase over last year. And that’s just in the ..

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