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Newly re-established public company Worldpay will put its headquarters in Greater Cincinnati and add hundreds of jobs.

Kaiser Permanente’s new hospital in Sacramento’s Railyards development could cost $1.48 billion to build, according to newly-filed documents.

Heading into a new year, new leaders are stepping up in the Sacramento region. One of those is Rachael McKinney, greater Sacramento market president for Sutter Health.

Throughout its nearly 40-year history, Washington Area Community Investment Fund has maintained a two-pronged commitment to enriching communities and expanding access to lending capital. Consequently, WACIF’s mission of promoting equity and economic opportunity reverberates throughout the communities it serves.

Now, WACIF is broadening its impact on the community by expanding its capacity to reach more underserved entrepreneurs. As of August 2023, WACIF had extended $2.5 million more when compared…

Together, the family's holdings make it the largest shareholder for the tech products manufacturer.

First Carolina Bank has gained more than $431 million in deposits through a new partnership with BM Technologies.

Terry Turner, the CEO of Pinnacle Bank – the largest financial institution in Nashville – still has room to grow heading into the new year, though he added that he expects 2024 will continue to be a rocky environment.

Since 2017, executives at Greater Baltimore's public companies have seen significant pay raises while median worker pay has largely stayed stagnant.

Ally Financial's dive into generative artificial intelligence is looking promising as its latest experiment with the technology tackles a key area for the digital bank.