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5 Tips To Avoid Personal Finance Trouble When Buying A Home

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Fed announces interest-rate decision

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Denver vs. Charlotte: How the Super Bowl 50 cities match up (Slideshow)

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The company's lobby is painted to make guests feel like they’ve left Earth’s atmosphere.

Moore County and the rest of the Sandhills are booming with growth, and Tractor Supply Co. is looking to capitalize on demand for more retail options in the region.

A Grand Island property, which sits on the Niagara River and has multiple outdoor spaces to take in the views, is listed for $899,000.

The Mamie Gray Galloway House, which recently sold for $1.8 million, was built in the late 1920s and is on the national historic register. It was commissioned by Alexander and Mamie Gray Galloway, who were from two of Winston-Salem's most prominent families.

Classic Hotels & Resorts — which owns and runs Valley properties like the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa and the Scott Resort & Spa — has rebranded to pay homage of the owner’s parents.

In a report published earlier this month, Phoenix Convention Center ranked among the 10 best convention centers in the U.S. in 2023. Here's what it has going for it.

The prominent office campus is the second that a Valley investor has acquired from Lincoln Property Co. in the past month. The sale came after significant renovations had been made to the buildings that have a healthy list of tenants.

The construction industry is one of the few industries still strongly associated with manual, in-person labor. While other industries have long been transformed by the tech revolutions of the last few decades, the construction industry has remained relatively analog until now. Each year, businesses spend trillions of dollars globally on construction-related efforts. Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are beginning to reduce construction costs, improve safety outcomes and enhance productivity.   …

Brownfields are often regarded as eyesores by their communities and are usually desolate with no apparent signs of life, sans a few rodents. However, these vacant areas, former landfills, abandoned construction or development sites or formally contaminated areas, have untapped potential to become businesses or beautiful green spaces.  

Transforming brownfields into useful spaces can help reawaken neighborhoods by attracting investors, adding jobs, creating ratables and fostering a sense of…

Anticipating some carnage in the multifamily sector, Dallas-based vertically integrated real estate development company Welker Properties has positioned itself to take advantage of a market reset. The firm has acquired about 1,900 units and has gotten underway on significant new development recently.